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How can Faith Leaders and their organisation members best help governments and communities to fight stigma and discrimination What role do Christian and other FBOs currently play in promoting human rights ? what positive roles can they play and how? Have your say now! Robert  Williams
Arrow Leadership from Faith leaders in the human rights dialogue is crucial Faith leaders are crucial in promoting the acceptance and understanding of human rights for all in their messages. The phrase 'gay rights' appears to act contrary to the concept of human rights from the view point of the FBO followers. Rights for all are human rights and they may see gay rights as a separation of the rights of gays from 'equal rights for all'. Gay rights may also imply to faith leaders that their rights to free worship and preaching according to their faith may be threatened. Isn't it time we begin to really open up and share dialogue at al levels, on the responsibility in rights? For groups with differing viewpoints to reassure others that respect for rights and views of others is paramount? April 06 2012
What qualities make a good Champion or Ambassador for a cause? We would like to hear from you about what makes a good champion for change. If change is to occur within governments, communities and establishments who should set the ball rolling? who should keep it going? and who should visibly lead, advocate and encourage? Together we can, but it takes all sorts of champions to get up and get moving... for a cause to succeed. As our partners for the cause, voce your views and help us collectively to succeed in human rights action and stigma reduction in your town, district or organisation. It's your right to free speech and your responsibility to share your messages for a rightful cause!. S  Adomakoh
Arrow Champions or Ambassadors are those not afraid to speak out or act for cause champion have different skills and ways of tackling issues. - some quietly , some loudly and very visibly. Most of all though a champion or ambassador must be able to 'act and speak out' publicly for the greater good or actively support in the background those that are acting publicly for the greater good. they must also respect rights and views of everyone and every group involved in the issue. They don't have to look pretty, dress up or speak the Queens English to do this! April 06 2012

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Dwayne Husbands. Successful entertainer and leading ambassador for D4LBarbados. Heats up the romm before D4L Barbados goes live to 51 countries vis satellite link up Dec2010.

What makes a good Champion or Ambassador? RSDU ad D4L partner to  reach youth in anti stigma and Human rights awareness. Some of our  best Ambassadors  for  reaching youth come from the entertianment industry, but they also  have other talents, personal triats, aspirations intersts and passions  that drive their ability to be a great ambassador. what does it take to be one? 

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What role do Christian and other FBOs currently  play in promoting human rights ? what  positive roles can it play and how? Have your say now! Or join us on facebook by clicking on  the facebook icon.



 “The S&D activities reinforced the fact that I stigmatise. I have stigmatised and discriminated against my family and friends on the grounds of sexual orientation, and drug use. The workshop has moved me from being unaware to aware”.

FBO participant Guyana