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12/16/2009 12:58:27 PM
Overview : Download and view private sector and community tools from the DFID private sector and HIV project implemented by Associates for International Development and Caribbean HIV/AIDS Alliance.
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View the Video training tool/PSA:  Stigma begins and Ends With You:

This video was produced by Community Health Action and Transformation in 2008 under the DFID funded project Accelerating the Private Sector Response to HIV/AIDs in the Caribbean managed by Associates for International Development (AIDInc). This BCC teaching tool, should be used with the CARE Stigma Manual to facilitate discussion on the experiences and impact of S &D. It was developed in collaboration with project partners including CARE Barbados, UGLAAB and Lifeguard Association to depict real experiences of stigma and discrimination towards people living with HIV in Barbados. Mrs Sue Springer Executive Director of the Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association gives the foreword, while Dr Nicholas Adomakoh, Clinical  Director of the National HIV/AIDS Programmes summarises the issues of impact of stigma in barbados and regionally.


Supporting  community training booklet, posters and other materials were developed by the community NGOs under technical  supervision and mentorship  from Associates for International Development. See below

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Arrow Poster- Stigma begins and ends with you
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Arrow Poster- Stigma begins and ends with you
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RSDU Tools for application

The Evidence based design, development and testing of  approaches,  tools  and  other resources is at the  hear of  what we do at the RSDU.    We  aim to significantly  contribute to building  into  the sustainability of the anti stigma and human rights response in the  Caribbean  ensuring that community leadership and ownership is fostered throughout  our  processes.

On these  pages you will find RSDU designed resources  as well as other effective  materials and resources developed by our partners  regionally and globally .  

We hope you will find these tools useful  for your cause and invite you to send us  your feedback and  suggestions on how we can improve on content distribution,  style...or on any other matter   that will result in increased efficiency  coverage or sharing of these materials.

Finally we hope  you will enjoy using the RSDU resource and those of our partners  to empower your peers and others within your spheres of influence.