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Spotlight on Stigma - Issue 1

11/25/2011 10:14:32 PM
Overview : The newsletter of the PANCAP Regional Stigma and Discrimination unit (RSDU)
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Arrow Rights4Life - an anti-stigma Toolkit for Youth
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Over the past  18 months,  the staff at the RSDU staff  have  designed and developed  the SCOR-B.  This is the first ever  development of a regionally targeted stigma measure  that considers the context of stigma in the English -speaking Caribbean. it is also the first of such validation   of stigma indicators in the Region. 

The purpose of SCOR-B  is  to provide measures of  stigma  reduction outcomes  within key community groups   resulting from targeted  community based anti - stigma and  human rights interventions.    

The design  phase was supported by an initial scoping exercise in the target countries  while for  the   in the  pilot and testing phase ,  technical  RSDU staff came together with statistical  advisors of the RSDU Technical working group (TWG) to validate the stigma measures  in the region  - pretest  and analyses in one country lasted 3 weeks, validation  exercises  in one country  lasted 3 months and the pilot lasted  2 months.

Review the SCOR_B Stigma Indicators  

Take a  moment  to review  the SCOR- B stigma  outcome indicators for PLHIV, MSM and Sex workers and general community  gate-keeping groups (Community Pivotal Actors).   Just Click on the  'most popular' tab above. We invite you to send ,  comments , questions,  suggestions and feedback  for us to consider as these measures are applied and tested